02 dicembre, 2007

Qualche notizia in più

Con riferimento al post precedente sono andato sul sito della Voigtlander per vedere di trovare qualche informazione in più sugli obiettivi in oggetto.

Mi sono scontrato contro un muro in lingua tedesca che ho cercato di superare grazie a Google. Dopo il salto vi riporto la traduzione di quanto trovato.

Two new Voigtländer lenses with Nikon and Pentax connection:
Nokton 1.4 / 58mm SL II and Ultron 2.0, 40mm SL II

The new Fixed Voigtländer the Classic Collection, the Nokton 1.4 / 58mm SL II and the Ultron 2.0, 40mm SL II, combine the high image quality with high-quality traditional mechanics, whose feel any ambitious photo enthusiastic friend. Furthermore, a novel aperture kinetics traditionally polygonally aperture almost circular. The result obtained smoother path also contributes to optimize the image quality.

Nokton and Ultron connection with Nikon also have a CPU, with the camera's electronic correspondence.

The universal, powerful Ultron 2.0 / 40 SL II in flat design with 24.5 mm in length and only 200 g weight an ideal travel companion. Also included a Nahlinse the macro-adjustment range of 1:7 to 1:4 increases. The optional scattered light aperture surprised with a completely unusual design and improves the brilliance of the recordings.

With its focal length of 58 mm is still lichtstärkere Nokton for example, in a digital format half-camera with a so-called APS-C-Format as Portaitobjektiv under virtually all conditions.
The photo-specialized trade can both lenses for non-Voigtländer price of 349 euros. The Ultron 2,0 / 40 mm SL II is currently in December 2007, the extremely powerful Nokton 1,4 / 58mm SL II will be launched in January 2008 are available.